Law X disses Aml Ameen in new visual.

Once allies now adversaries, Law X disses British actor, Aml Ameen (Yardie, Inside Man 2) a former character of Law’s hip hop drama series “When Day Gets Dark” which is now available on Amazon Prime and Youtube. In the single "Generational Leader" Law X picks apart Aml Ameen in a way that can only be described as verbal assault. Law uses the crab in a bucket metaphor to illustrate that his former associate, thinks with the mentality of a crab. The metaphor refers to the behaviour noted in crabs when they are trapped in a bucket. While any one crab could easily escape, its efforts will be undermined, ensuring the group’s collective demise. In the music video, Law X can be seen befriending a live crab, placing him in a bucket and naming him Aml.

The title “Generational Leader” came from a real life text message conversation between Law X and Aml Ameen where Aml refers to himself as a Generational Leader. The term refers to someone who has made a prominent effect on his or her generation for generations to come. For example, MLK, Malcom X, Tupac Shakur, Barack Obama are all generational leaders. However, Law doesn’t think Aml’s name belongs on the same list with lines like “You starred in some movies, people still don’t know your name”.

In this text message Aml is boasting about his career, his resume and accomplishments to Law X whom is very much already aware of his resume because Law X cast him in his own film series “When Day Gets Dark” a few years prior to this. In text, Aml goes on to say that Law X should do his research. Maybe a poor choice of words because Law did in fact do a little research. Then he shoots the Generational Leader music video in Aml Ameen’s actual birth place, Camden Town, London, United Kingdom. Law X also stops by Aml Ameen’s childhood acting school, Barbara’s Speaks Stage School in Acton, London, United Kingdom. Law even snaps a flick and posted a picture on Instagram with Law and Barbara Speaks herself. An elderly woman who is the founder of the school and Aml’s childhood acting instructor. Hinting to the fact that he did his research but perhaps Aml Ameen didn’t do his! Long Story short unless they find a way to patch this up it’s safe to say that Aml Ameen will be getting killed off of Law X’s “When Day Gets Dark” film series or replaced like Aunt Vivian in Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Music Video drops tomorrow.

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